Why I Blog?

The boring history

In 2009, I travelled to Bohol to render my OJT and I was introduced to this wonderful blogging tool – WordPress. My job there was to create a plugin for Bohol Radio, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish it because I lack the resources and skills to do it. On the other hand, I instantly loved the features of WordPress especially the plugins and themes.

The challenges

First, I don’t know what to blog. I sometimes post personal blog entries, like greeting my loved ones and my friends, and even my enemies. Few years later I realized- who the hell on earth is going to read my blogs about me or about my opinions? My subconscious smiled at me and said “no one, as I told you before”. From that point I changed my game plan. I decided to write informative blogs related to technology or any topics that I can share something to people who wanted to know a thing or two. But the moment I search something about technology, Stackoverflow comes up and most of the time, contributors provided accurate answers so there’s no need for my talents there. Now I’m back with where I started. Who’s going to read my blog again? My officemates? My friends? My relatives? My cat? If that’s the case, then I will stop this blog as I am paying P2000/year (and who cares again) and maximize Facebook or Twitter if only my closest connections are going to read my blogs. Using the Slimstat plugin, I was able to see that one of my regular visitors is Google’s web crawler and I only get one or two page views, which is probably just me checking my page. That’s a sad truth, I started this in 2009 from a free hosting site then after I got enough money I migrated it to a paid hosting; now, this is a VPS hosting. I am talking technical terms right now, but who cares? I may be the one who’s going to read it anyway.

Challenge accepted

My blog might not be the best out there, I may not be the good writer, blogger, photographer, but who cares? This is my blog and I want to share this to those people that will spend their very little time to read, get some information, or just dropping by and checking if there are something new.




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