Cuatro Islas: Travel Guide

Quick facts of Cuatro Islas

Cuatro Islas (Spanish, meaning “Four Islands”) is a group of islands belonging to the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang, in the province of Leyte, Philippines. This group of islands is composed of Apid, Digyo and Mahaba, which belong to the administrative jurisdiction of the municipality of Inopacan, while Himokilan belongs to the administrative jurisdiction of the municipality of Hindang.


Digyo Island


Cuatro Islas

Palm trees and sandbar welcomed us at Digyo Island, one of the four islands of Cuatro Islas.

Cuatro Islas

One of the two sandbars at Digyo Island.

Cuatro Islas

The other sandbar at the opposite side of the Island.

Cuatro Islas

Closed cottages and camping tents at Digyo Island.

Cuatro Islas

My favorite part of every travel – watching #Sunset!

Sunset is a proof that no matter what happens – everyday can end beautifully.

Mahaba Island

Cuatro Islas

Crystal-clear torquoise waters greeted us at Mahaba Island.

Cuatro Islas

Fine-white-sand, can’t wait to stamp footprints on them!

Cuatro Islas

The beautiful white-sand shore of Mahaba Island.

Himokilan Island

Cuatro Islas

Himokilan Island’s white-sand beach and coral reefs. This is not part of the Inopacan itinerary, so, if you want to go there, you need to pay an extra Php 500.

Need more motivation?

Watch this video I created on our Cuatro Islas adventure!


You’ve come so far! I hope I have convinced you enough to visit this place. So, here’s what you need to know:

How to get there?

Via Tacloban City, Leyte

From Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport, Tacloban City, ride a jeepney (fare is only P13) and ask the driver to drop you near Van-vans, Duptours or Grand tours. These shuttle providers have hourly trips to Inopacan, Leyte.  Fare from Tacloban to Inopacan is P200 . In Inopacan, ask the driver to drop you near the Municipal hall. The “bay walk”, as the local calls it, is located just right behind the Municipal Hall. The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Inopacan is now managing the dispatching of the boats to Cuatros Islas.

Additional things to know about going to Cuatro Islas:

  1. They don’t accept reservations.
  2. Visitors are entertained on first-come, first-served basis.
  3. The first trip is at 6AM.
  4. During peak season, your boat might not stay on the island as they will try to accommodate as many tourists as possible. TIP: Go there during weekdays!
  5. Boat Rates:
    Number of Passengers Price Inclusions
    10 and below Php 2,500 Island Hopping/Overnight
    Php 2,000 One island only
    11-22 Php 3,500 Island Hopping/Overnight
    Php 3,000 One island only
    23 and above Php 5,000 Island Hopping/Overnight
    Php 4,500 One island only
  6. Maintenance fee is Php 50 per person must be paid during registration at the Inopacan LGU Office.
  7. Contact Numbers (LGU Office):
    1. Landline – 565-0200, 565-0311
    2. Mobile – 09199208976
    3. All contact numbers are LGU tourism staffs.


Now you know how to get there. The next question is…

Where to stay?

Cuatro Islas offers several types of accommodation, especially at Digyo Island. There are multiple cottages you can choose from and here are the rates:

Accommodation Type Price
Closed Cottage Php 500
Open Cottage Php 300
Portable Tent Php 200 (+ Php 50 space rent)
Camping Tent Php 150 (+ Php 50 space rent)

In addition, you can also rent tables (Php 50) and chairs (Php 10). There are no fancy 3 or 5-star hotels and resorts on the island. On the bright side, the serene ambiance will keep you away from your stress. That’s why we travel right?

Where to eat?

There are stores at Digyo that sells basic grocery items, but to save money, bring your own food.

Personal Hygiene

Luckily for tourists, residents at Digyo Island built comfort rooms and bathrooms. After a long day of island hopping and swimming, you can take a bath and change clothes comfortably. However, water is not included on you accommodation because it is transported from Inopacan mainland. You have to pay Php 40 for a 20-25 L of water or Php 60 for 30-40 L of water.  If you want to save on cost, you might consider bringing your own supply of water.


At Digyo Island, there are solar-powered street lights on the other side of the island that lights the place at night. The street lights are positioned near the cottages that will shed light on your night festivities and games.

Finally, how much will it cost you if you go there with your “plus one”?

Here is the sample itinerary and budget for two

Date and Time Activities Budget Remarks
Day 1
 6:00AM Tacloban to Inopacan Php 400 Fare @ Php 200 each
 10:00AM Registration  Php 100  Cuatro Islas Maintenance Fee @ Php 50 each
 10:30AM Inopacan to Mahaba Island Php 2,500 Island hopping and overnight stay for 10 persion and below
 11:00AM Preparation for Lunch
 12:00PM  Lunch Bring your own food.
 1:00PM Swimming and roaming around the island
 3:00PM Pack up and go to Digyo Island
 3:30PM Set up of Tent  Php 200 Php 150 for tent and Php 50 for space.
4:00PM  Swimming and rinse.  Php 60  For the water.
 6:00PM Preparation for Supper  Bring your own food.
 7:00PM Supper and night activities.
 Day 2
6:00AM Wake up and breakfast
8:00AM Swimming again and rinse  Php 60  For the water.
10:00AM Preparation for departure
11:00AM Depart from Digyo to Himokilan Php 500 Additional fee if you opt to go to Himokilan
12:30PM Lunch at Inopacan Php 200 Food @ Php 100 each
1:30PM Inopacan to Tacloban Php 400 Fare @ Php 200 each
Total Php 4,420



It is a fact that these “undiscovered” beaches and islands are gaining popularity through social media, the internet, or even word of mouth. Concomitant to that is the risk of environmental problems such as water pollution and waste disposal. At Mahaba Island, there is fly infestation especially on the cottages and on the tree line which is possibly caused by poor sanitation. Garbage, leftover food and feces attracts flies because it provides food and breeding grounds.


Although the government proclaimed Cuatro Islas as Protected Landscape and Seascape it is not enough to prevent tourists from playing and eventually killing marine species like starfish.

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  1. Kimberly - Tourist spots in Leyte

    Hi Jundy,

    My name is Kim of Jacaranda Travels I saw your blog while looking top travel bloggers in the Philippines.
    Nice and beautiful Island, mukhang maganda mag bakasyon sa Four Island, ang ganda at ang linis, Close cottage at 500php for the entrance? Sulit puntahan naman niyan.

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    Thank you, hoping for your positive reply.

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  2. shane gomez

    a very informative blog. thank you. my friends and i are visiting there soon. by the way, the name itself suggests four islands but how come you have mentioned only three? is the fourth island not available for tourists any longer?

    1. jundy Post author

      Hi Shane, thank you for your feedback. The fourth island is farther west and we need to pay additional 500 to get there. Furthermore, it is already populated.

  3. Karla

    Hello! If we stay overnight and in tents, we have to bring our own blankets and pillows, right? Sorry if that’s obvious, but I just want to make sure to bring the necessities. Thank you for such a helpful article!

    1. jundy Post author

      There’s a picture on the blog. Actually, we stayed in the cottage. I was small, probably good for 2-3 persons, but because it was raining when we went there, all 8 of us were able to sleep inside the cottage.

  4. Isabelle

    Hi Ms. Jundy,

    Thank you for the informative blog. It was so helpful, although, we stil have questions.

    1.) May i just know if there is a market/stores/karinderia near the Municipal Hall? Probably walkable? We plan to buy everything we need to camp out in the Cuatro Islas.

    2.) Just to make sure po, 2k binayaran nyo for the 2 islands? Add 500 if we wanna go to Apid and another 500 for Himokilan, correct po ba?

    1. jundy Post author

      Hi Isabel, If my memory serves me well, yes there’s a market at the back of the Municipal Hall. 2k is for all 3 islands and additional 500 for Apid.

  5. Ana Camille Martin

    Hi Jundy, thank you for this informative blog. ☺ I have a question to ask, is it possible to make an island hopping within a day only? We are planning not to make an overnight stay in Cuatros Islas, hence we’ll go to Tacloban and stay there. Thank you for your response. ☺

  6. Joanna

    Hi Jundy,

    Do you have any contact number besides on your post above. All of the numbers are all unattended.

    Thank you! 🙂

  7. Kristine

    HI Jundy,

    Do you have any idea on the last trip of the van/buses from Inopacan going to Ormoc? We are planning to a day trip in Cuatro Islas and head to Ormoc/Palompon after.

    Thank you. 🙂

  8. Mark Paulino

    Hi, Jundy

    This is so helpful. But I just want to know if LGU Inopacan still operates up until now. Coz there’s someone who told me that DENR requested the LGU of Inopacan to stop it’s operation in Cuatro Islas.

    And also for the contact numbers that you provided, do you have the complete number for Globe/TM line? Because it’s showing above that it’s only 10 digits 0926803113

    Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you!

    1. jundy Post author

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your comment. I haven’t been in Cuatros Islas lately and my friends weren’t able to visit it last month. I will do my best to give you an update since I just saw one of my professors posted their travel there this month. If DENR requested to stop the operation in Cuatros Islas, I wouldn’t be surprised. As you can see, I raised that issue on my blog. I checked the facebook and it has a page for Cuatros Islas tour see

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