Liliputan Rocky Beach Resort: A Travel Diary

Liliputan is a Waray word which means short cut or a way from one side to another.

I was invited to spend the New Year at San Julian, Eastern Samar, and Liliputan Rocky Beach Resort. I haven’t seen photos of the island yet, so, I was curious what it looks like and I was anticipating for the best – it did not disappoint me.

How to get there?

Liliputan is located 27 KM north of Borongan, the capital of Eastern Samar. From Tacloban (South), you can ride Duptours or Van-vans to Borongan for Php 250-300 and travel time is approximately four (4) hours. You need to prepare yourself for a looonnggg road trip. Van/Shuttle services caters daily trips from Tacloban to Borongan and vice versa; every hour or depending on the number of passengers.

From Catbalogan (North), Duptours has daily trips to Borongan, but you need to ride either the 6AM or 1PM trip. You may also charter a van if you are at least 14 pax and put your haggling skills to test. The travel time is 3 hours and the fare is Php 150-200.

Where to Stay?

Since San Julian is a small town and a least popular tourist destination, it is unlikely to find a place to stay unless you have friends or relatives living there. You may opt to stay at Borongan. There are several hotels and inns in Borongan but the reviews are not good. Hence, I decided to pick the highest rated hotel – Boro Bay Hotel. This place was featured on Biyahe ni Drew on their Eastern Samar episode.

Boro Bay Hotel
Bay Bay Boulevard, Songco, Borongan 6800, Philippines

The Liliputan Rocky Resort

After settling on how to get there and where to stay, it is time to see the main attraction.

During my visit, most cottages were no longer operational as it was destroyed during the super typhoon Yolanda that hit the area in 2013. The local government helped the resort restore some of the broken cottages. Since the resort is still under renovation, we did not pay entrance fees and the cottage rates were not yet official. After the renovation, the local government will manage the resort.

Liliputan Rock Beach Resort

One of the floating cottages at Liliputan Rocky Resort. This is not yet available for tourists and locals use during our visit.

Liliputan Rock beach resort

I guess, this is why this place was called Liliputan. There were two rocks leaning on each other and forms cave-like path to other side of the resort.

Liliputan Rock Beach Resort

Remnants of cottages that were destroyed during the super typhoon Yolanda.

Liliputan Rock Beach Resort

Bluish-greenish waters of the Pacific Ocean and natural seawall at the background.

Liliputan Rock Beach Resort

For the adventurous at heart, try jumping from the top of the rock which is 2-3 story high.

Another angle of jump off point.

Another angle of jump off point.

Can’t get enough? Check out the video I created for my amazing visit here.

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