Canigao Island: Overnight stay; Travel guide and Itinerary (UPDATED)

Canigao Island: Overnight stay; Travel guide and Itinerary

One of my passion is to visit amazing places while spending less. Canigao Island is on top of my list. A few weeks ago, one of my friends shared a blog about this island. I was captivated even with just the pictures featured from the blog and instantly decided to visit the island.

How to get there

From Tacloban

Ride a van to Maasin City, you can choose Duptours, Van-vans, or other shuttle services with a trip to Maasin City via Baybay City. The fare is Php 200 to Php 220. Ask the driver to drop you off at Matalom Municipal Hall. This is the only place to get to Canigao after the LGU took over the management of the island. The entrance fee is Php 20 for children 6-12 years old and Php 40 for adults. The pump boat fare is Php 55 although signs say it is Php 60. There’s no specific time when the boat will depart from Matalom port but, it seems that as long as the boat is full, they can sail to Canigao anytime. The first trip to Canigao is 7:00 am but, can be earlier depending on the number of passengers for Canigao Island. The last trip is 5:00pm.

Welcome to Canigao

The color of the sea, the white fine sand, and the coconut trees will surely give you a great welcome sign to the island.


Canigao Island from afar

Canigao Island from afar

What a welcoming site...

What a welcoming site…

Amazing white sand and blue water...

Amazing white sand and blue water…

Our ride to Canigao. Thanks for the safe ride.

Our ride to Canigao. Thanks for the safe ride.

Where to stay

You can rent a tent for Php 200 and space fee for Php 100. The tent is good for two persons. You can also bring your own tent. In addition, there are also some nipa huts and cottages where you and your friends and families can stay overnight.

Tents for two for only 200 pesos.

Tents for two for only 200 pesos.

Canigao Island Cottages

Canigao Island Cottages


Where to eat

If you were not able to bring food, don’t worry because there are dampa”/”paluto style  canteens in the island. Scallops are P170 per order and fish is P170/kilo plus P20 cooking fee. They also offered to cook half a kilo of rice for P55.

There are sari-sari stores in the island that sells canned goods and other merchandise.

Toilets and showers are also available on the island for a fee.

Seafood at the wet market – actually that’s a scallop.

Seafood at the wet market – actually that’s a scallop.

Exploring the island

Canigao is a small island, about 400 sq. meters in area. Exploring the island will take about an hour or less depending on your usual walking pace, including stops to take photos and selfies.

Long stretch of white beach.

A long stretch of white beach.


Mini jungle in Canigao Island.

Mini jungle in Canigao Island.


One of the things that excites me is watching “paintings on the sky” as the sun sets.

Bonding moment with friends

The island is secluded, serene and unspoiled. It’s the perfect place  to commune with nature and relax and at the same time have a good time with friends and family.

RH + Sand + Beach = Tama

RH + Sand + Beach = Tama


Wake up with Sun’s light flashing beside you.

Canigao Island sunrise

See you later Canigao

After a long day and night stay, we thanked and bid goodbye to our wonderful host.


Sample Itinerary and Budget

Date and Time Activities Budget Remarks
Day 1
Tacloban to Matalom Php 200 Fare
Matalom Port
Matalom to Canigao Island Php 95 Php 40 Entrance Fee; Php 55 roundtrip fare
Setup the tent Php 300 Php 100 space fee; Php 200 tent fee
 Lunch  Php 145 Php 90 for cooked ½ kilo fish; Php 55 for  cooked ½ kilo rice
Swimming and roaming around the island
Don’t care… Enjoy your stay, chat, drink, until you pass out.
Day 2
Wake up and Breakfast
Departure or stay for the whole day and ride the last trip to Matalom
Total Php 940 Php 200 fare back to Tacloban City

April 1, 2017 Update:

I received many queries about reservations and contact numbers for the accommodation and tour packages in the comment section and even in my facebook page. So, here it is guys!

For reservation please contact these numbers

  • 09069753053 – TM
  • 09196678122 – Smart
  • Contact Person: Mae Dungo

Kalanggaman + Canigao Tour Package
3 days and 2 nights
overnight in Kalanggaman island
overnight in Canigao island
10 pax of minimum


  1. Van transfer
    1. Tacloban to Palompon
    2. Palompon to Matalom
    3. Matalom to Tacloban
  2.  Boat Transfer
    1. Palompon to kalanggaman
    2. Kalanggman to Palompon
    3. Matalom to Canigao
    4. Canigao to Matalom
  3.  Entrance fee
    1. Kalanggaman
    2. Canigao
  4.  Accomodation
    1. Tent in Kalanggaman
    2. Tent in Canigao
  5.  Food for Kalanggaman
    1. Lunch,dinner,breakfast

Php 3,300 each

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53 thoughts on “Canigao Island: Overnight stay; Travel guide and Itinerary (UPDATED)

  1. Bernard

    Last summer lng po ba ito?.. Planning to go there in 2 weeks.. Just checking some updated infos about the island..

  2. Aian

    Hi do u hav any contact numbers that we can call to ask questions regarding the place and how to get there? We are having a difficult time looking up for contact persons to reach so we can plan our trip there since we will be coming from mnla. So far all the numers we got cant be reached. Thanks

  3. ann

    Hi do you have any contact number(s)? do i need to have a reservation 1st? family are planning to go there this weekend hope you can help.Thank you

      1. jundy Post author

        Hi Harry,

        Hindi ako sure kung meron, pero since LGU ang namamahala sa Canigao Island, I think pwede mo silang kausapin o ipagbilin ang sasakyan sa kanila.

  4. Maria Annabelle L. Navarroza

    hi there! we are planning to go to canigao this coming April 13, 2017 ( holy thurs). is the island available on this day?

    thank you!

    1. jundy Post author

      Yes Alex. Actually, when we went there, we don’t have reservation. There are plenty of tents for rent there or you can bring your own. Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

  5. tor

    Good day we’re planning vacation on canigao for three days .
    Asking for what is cheaper for food,
    Its to bring food and cook their?
    Or we dont bring anything just to pay for food they will cook?
    Im thingking coz if we bring food to cook that island alot to bring..that makes us i think fatique..
    Thank you

    1. jundy Post author

      Hi, the price is not that high when we went there and what we ordered served as our lunch and dinner. However, i think it’s still a lot cheaper if you cook but of course someone will sacrifice their time to enjoy to cook your food.

      1. Ronald Allan Rodriguez

        hi po… we are planning to go this december 26.. magkano po ba fare (boat) from matalom to canigao? then magkano rent sa tent or cottage? overnight stay?

    1. jundy Post author

      Are going to charter a boat? I’m not sure how much, but per head it’s less than a hundred. The details is in the sample itinerary. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  6. Tor

    Thank you,
    How about the tent rental if for example we are three days. The rental of tent is 300 per night ist for all three days? Or evryday we rent that tent 300? Same question for cottage.
    Thank you.

    1. jundy Post author

      That’s a very good question, Sadly, I was able to inquire. However, I guess you’ll pay 900, but I observed that they are not listing who borrowed the tent. 😉

  7. Kristine Celecios

    Hi, we’re planning to go there this aug 16 and 17. 6 kmi lahat, estimated arrival time namin sa matalom is 1pm. How much po is the boat fare if d po sya mapuno?

  8. Marniel

    Hi, We are planning to have a company branch outing for 2days and 1night in the island that compose of 40 employee members . May i know the details of the cottage’s rent and the person’s capacity per cottage so that we know if the availability of the cottage can accommodate us when we went there in the island. Thank you and God Bless!

  9. dawi

    hi jundy i just want to ask if like smart and globe, which is the strongest signal to get or to use like data..?
    thanks to your blog its very helpful for us.. im excited to visit the island..
    more power and godless 🙂

    1. jundy Post author

      Thank you! I really appreciate it. Sadly, I wasn’t able to check if the data is working because I have a habit of going off the grid when traveling. 🙂

  10. marvin

    hi jundy, just wanna ask if the prices of all the charges listed above are still the same as of to date? thanks and best regards

    1. jundy Post author

      Hi Marvin, I haven’t got in touch with my friends who went there lately. I will try to ask them, but usually those prices doesn’t change much unless there are major development in the said tourist destination. I suggest to follow the same budget but provide 10-15% allowance

    1. jundy Post author

      It’s up to you since there’s there’s no provided there. For me since I’m alway traveling light, my bag or a few clothes is enough replacement for pillow

  11. Jennillie Alo

    Hi Jundy, how much would it cost man for 1-10 persons overnight? yung place na pwede namin matulogan. Thank you 🙂

  12. victor

    looks nice. have tent and nsxuch have camped in quartro islaNDS IN PAST. THINK WE STAY 44/5 DAYS. COMOING FROM TOCLOBAN..

    fires allowed? plan on spending 4/5 nights there, is camping fee per night? not that it really matter. if camping can go on regular boaqt?> in quartrro islkands force you get one just for bcamping. thanks vict5opr

  13. Jezza

    Hi…planning to go there in dec…just wanna know kung magdadala kami ng goods,pede ba doon nlng kami magluluto and meron ba silang mga cooking utensils,etc dun?…Wala ba silang resto? Only canteen?

    1. jundy Post author

      I’m sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy lately. I will check with my friends who recently visited Canigao. I think you can rent cooking utensils or you can pay them to cook your food. I don’t believe that there’s a resto there.

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