BILIRAN Island: A nature lovers trip

Brief history

Biliran was derived from the name of a native grass called “borobiliran” which was in abundance during the Pre-Spanish period. Seafarers who used to pass narrow straits of Biliran which separate the province of Leyte and the island of Biliran would admire the fertile plains and lush green hills of the island.

Settlers from nearby villages which were plundered by moro pirates started moving towards the plains of Biliran. As the settlement grew, it became known as Biliran.

The municipality of Biliran was formally establish the year 1878. It is the historical center and gateway to Biliran island as well as to the northern municipalities of Leyte Province.


Since I was a kid, I was hearing about Biliran province because our adopted brother is from there. I have never been there even if it is only 192.6 km via Maharlika Hwy/Pan – Philippine Hwy/AH26 and Palo-Carigara-Ormoc City Road or 5 hours of land travel. But this year, I added it to my Travel list.

How to get to Biliran

via Tacloban

The nearest airport from Biliran province is Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban City. All large airlines company has flights to Tacloban. Taxis’ fare starts at ₱150 up to ₱300 and jeepneys inside the airport is ₱50 per person and they can drop you off at Duptours terminal. If you choose to walk out of the airport and ride the jeepney for ₱13, ask the driver to drop you near Duptours terminal. Fare from Tacloban to Naval, Biliran is ₱200. Travel time is 2-3 hours.

Where to Stay

GV hotel is one of the hotels in Naval, the capital of Biliran and it is ideally located near the most of the tourist spots. Hotel rate starts from ₱800 per night with amenities like cable TV, tile flooring and an en-suite bathroom. Extras include hot-water showers and free toiletries.

Marvin’s Seaside Inn is a 23-room hotel in Barangay Atipolo, about two kilometers north of Naval Poblacion, presently offers the best accommodation in town for visitors and transient guests.

For more and up-to-date information, please visit

Getting around Biliran

Common mode of transportations is mini buses, jeepneys, multi-cabs, and single motorcycles called habal-habal. 

Must visit Places

This small island-province doesn’t lack tourist attractions, you can choose from islands with resorts and beaches, falls, caves, man-made rice terraces and historical sites.

The Islands

  • Sambawan Island

Location Maripipi; About 1 hour and 30 minutes boat ride from Naval. 20 minutes boat ride from Ol-og, Maripipi and 45 minutes boat ride from Kawayan Port. Click here for more details. One of our regrets coming here is the lack of time that is why we weren’t able to visit sambawan.

  • Higatangan Island

Location Naval, Biliran; The fastest way to get to Higatangan Island by 45 mins boat ride from Naval to Mabini or Libertad port. fare: ₱45 for Student – regular fare ₱50. This island has Higatangan Beach Resort and Hagdan Beach Resort. Click here for more details. We stayed at Hagdan for ₱1,200 and additional of ₱500 for our dinner and breakfast  for 2.

Hagdan Beach Resort, Biliran

Overlooking view of the beach from their rooms at the top of rock formations.

  • Dalutan Island

Location Almeria Biliran, 20 minutes by pump boat from Agta Beach. Fare: P 700 (vice versa, pakyaw). Click here for more details.

  • Capinahan Island

Location Capinahan Island, Almeria, Biliran. About 10 minutes ride from Talahid beach. Click here for more details.


One of the amazing things about this province is that, it is small yet there are a lot of falls here.

  • Bagongbong Falls

Location Brgy. Caucab, Almeria, Biliran; 30 minutes ride from Almeria to Caucab, 15 minutes walk towards the waterfalls. Our visit here is an accident, we only want to go to Iyusan rice terraces bu the habal-habal driver misunderstood us and brought us here. We give ₱50 to the locals that accompanied us to find this hidden beauty.

Bagongbong Falls, Biliran

The 15-minute hike is worth it after seeing the breathtaking Bagongbong Falls. It’s nice to take a dip into the cold fresh water.

  • Tinago Waterfalls

Location Brgy. Cabibihan, Caibiran Biliran; can be reached by any land transport; approximately 30 – 45 mins. ride from Naval.


  • Agta Beach Resort
  • Candol Beach


Other Attraction

  • Iyusan Rice Terraces
Iyusan Rice Terraces, Biliran

Natives in Iyusan made advantage of the river flowing from the mountains to create their rice fields.

Location Sitio Barubohan, Barangay Iyusan, in the municipality of Almeria, Biliran.

Biliranon’s Native Tongue

Most of the people here speak Bisaya/Cebuano.

Side trip to Kawayan, Biliran

Kawayan is one of the towns in Biliran Province located 18 kms north-north-west of Naval. This is not part of our itinerary, but we grabbed the opportunity to visit my brother’s place and result, AWESOME!

Kawayan, Biliran

View on top of the mountain is so relaxing.

Kawayan, Biliran

Time to stop for a pose. Please don’t mind the shirt, it’s traitor.

Sunset at Biliran

Great looking sunset. This is a relief after a long day.

Kawayan beach, Biliran

This beach has concealed very fine white sand under it. Nice water level for swimming, good for adult and children.


Along the way, we saw a lot of white beaches but unfortunately, when you go there. The white spots that we saw are corals. Locals get fine sands from the shore and they sell it. I can’t blame them because it is the way they can provide food on the table for their family. But if they will be given another source of income, this dying white beach might be saved.

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