Bohol Grand Vacation 2014: The Travel

I arrived to Tacloban City at 6am from NAIA and I went to Van-van’s Shuttle services because my girlfriend is already waiting for me there. The van is bound for Bato, Leyte and we paid Php 200 each. It was more or less 2-3 hours ride.

Travel from Tacloban City to Bato, Leyte

Travel route from Tacloban City to Bato, Leyte

From Bato, Leyte, we ride a Barge to Ubay, Bohol for Php 280 per person. It will depart at 10:45am or make it 11:00am. Don’t worry if you miss this trip, there’s always tomorrow. This is a very long trip about 3 hours and we are just sitting there and sight-seeing but only seas and horizon are available. At around 2:00pm we arrived at Ubay Port and ate our lunch at the carinderia near Ubay bus terminal. I was searching for the vans because it was much faster than to ride a Bus due to Bus’ loading and unloading of cargoes. It took 3 plus hours from Ubay to Dau Terminal. We arrived at Dau Terminal almost 7:00pm. We ate and did a little shopping at Island City Mall. Then we rode Multicab to Agora/Alturas and checked in at Nisa Traveler’s Inn for Php 850 per night, air-conditioned room for 2 with free breakfast but common CR.

Travel route from Ubay to  Tagbilaran City

Travel route from Ubay to Tagbilaran City


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