Malaysia: Truly Asia Experience

On the 16th day of February 2014 was one of the remarkable and unforgettable day of my life. This day was the my first travel abroad. Not to have a vacation but to prepare for product demo for Baker’s Cottage. I was excited and at the same time nervous.

February 16 – The Departure

I went to JIMAC Head Office to prepare the things for Malaysia. I rode a taxi to NAIA Terminal 3 with sir Ralph. By the way, I was not travelling alone, I was with Merx’s Project Lead. We arrived there at about 10:30 am and tried to check-in our baggage but it was not time yet so we went to 7 Eleven instead. At exactly 11:00 am, we checked-in our baggage and went directly to immigration where there’s a little problem, I was not allowed to go to pre-departure area due to lack of papers to prove my travel to Malaysia because I put convention as my purpose of travel. Time went by so fast and it is 12:00 noon but there was still no immigration officer available to interview me. It is 12:20 pm when the supervisor of immigration went out and interviewed me and ask for proof of my travel which I had a hard time finding in my emails. Until she asked where was my companion and it went smooth after that. At around 2 pm, it was finally boarding time and since I picked the seat number, which is 19A and 19B, I was at the window seat. On the first hour of travel, I was watching movies until I felt sleepy and slept for the majority of the flight. Around 6 pm where we landed in Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Cargo Terminal (LCCT). I observed that even it was already 6pm which in the Philippines it was getting dark, in Malaysia, it was not. It was still so bright. Sir Ralph bought sim card which we used to contact sir Jimmy. He was our contact person in Malaysia, he was some kind of Sales consultant of Radiant Global Holdings.

February 16 – The Arrival

It was time for immigration, again! I was hoping that there will be no more trouble here and then in Philippines and it did, no more trouble and I was officially in Malaysia. We got our checked-in baggage and bought Aerobus ticket from LCCT to KL Sentral. I costs us RM 8 each. The travel time from LCCT to KL Sentral was 1 hour and the time was 7 pm but it is still bright in KL until 7:30 pm – 7:45 pm which it started getting dark. We arrived at KL Sentral at 8 pm and we were picked up by Jimmy and went directly to Chinatown. We ate some nice tasting rice and a very spicy rice. After a long day of travel, we were accompanied to our hotel which is Mirama Hotel Kuala Lumpur. We deposited RM 250 for the first 2 nights of stay. At last, it was rest time.

February 17 – Welcome to Spartan Malaysia Office

First day of preparation for demo.

First day of preparation for demo.

This day is the setup and troubleshooting of the Baker’s Demo. Everything went well and started to feel confident about the product, thus we did not took a deeper look of the demo requirement. We were introduced to some of Spartan Malaysia’s employees and presented briefly the TMS setup. At noon, we ate in Wong Kong in Shamelin 1 shopping mall that seems to me a ghost mall due to almost no tenants and people there. After a long day in Spartan office we were dropped in Malaysia’s Chinatown. This was the first time I was able to go in any Chinatown and bought “pasalubongs”.


Chinatown Malaysia

February 18 – Continuation

We continued our setup and testing and unfortunately, there are some problems that we didn’t anticipated, that’s the reason why this is a very long day for me. I need to make a quick fixes of the issues that came up. In the evening, sir Dan arrived and we ate in the some kind of sidewalk chinese restaurant and when we went to the hotel, we continued the troubleshooting.

February 19 – Demo


Early in the morning we started the preparation of the needed software and ate our breakfast. We was picked up by sir Jimmy at 10am and went to Baker’s Cottage office. We made a quick setup and test and the true challenge began. We were fortunate that sir Jimmy did the talking and later on, sir Dan answered some of their difficult questions. Overall the demo went smoothly but for their part, there are a lot of things that they need to clarify. It was past 12 noon when the demo ended and we ate at Wong Kong again and went to our hotel.


Of course, you cannot say you went to Kuala Lumpur as a tourist if you haven’t gone to their famous Petronas Towers.  I thought that I cannot go there, I only seen this remarkable man-made structure in National Geographic and Discovery Channel. But at that moment, I was standing right below the tower and it was epic. We took a lot of pictures but it was still bright so we decided to have a coffee in Starbucks while waiting to get darker outside.  I was starstrucked by the beauty of the building most especially on the evening. I really appreciated the whole structure from the lights, the height, and the architectural genius behind this building.

February 20 – Going to the place where I belong

After a long 5 days Malaysia experience, this is the conclusion, we early checked out and went to Spartan Office and helped them setup for their demo at 2pm. At around 12pm, we were driven to KL Sentral by Aries and rode a bus to LCCT. We ate our lunch at the airport and wait until our departure at 6:30pm.

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