Globe Tattoo Postpaid 4G

I want to share my experience about Globe Tattoo postpaid, last March I subscribed to a tattoo postpaid. I’m living near Welcome Rotonda, QC. At first it was so fast and the network type is either HSDPA or WCDMA. These network type has fast internet speed, but I don’t know what happened it became either EDGE or GPRS with signal strength of 0% to 20%. It was too slow. I was desperate to find a way to fasten my internet speed, until I read a blog to boost broadband signal.

Signal Booster…

This homemade signal booster needs the following materials:



1. 3G broadband stick

2. Maximum 3 meters usb cable

3. Strainer

4. Aluminum foil

To give you a picture on what it should look like after doing the following steps, it’s like a common satellite as we see in the movies. Make a whole at the center of the strainer for usb cable. The whole should not be too wide. Just make it fit with the usb cable. Wrap the whole strainer with the aluminum foil. Make the usb cable and strainer stick together and make sure it is stable. Connect the 3G usb stick to the usb cable. Now it should look like the picture below.

Signal Booster

Signal Booster

From 0% to 20% my GPRS signal is now at 70% to 99%. It was a great try and it is worth it.

For Network Type… Making it 3G Only!

Of course always want to have a HSDPA or WCDMA as your network type, go to Tools > Options > Network > Network Type. Now you can select 3G Only.

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