Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Chocolate Hills of Bohol
Chocolate Hills of Bohol

Since I was a kid, I heard a lot about Chocolate Hills. I know that it’s in Bohol. Why I shouldn’t know that? It was always¬† an example of landforms of our teacher in “Sibika at Kultura” since I entered elementary. Also my grandfather is a Bol-anon (person who was born in bohol), so when we talk about beautiful places, Chocolate Hills is always included. I always wanted to see it in person, that’s why when my auntie, grandfather, and grandma went to Bohol, I always wanted to go with them. But unfortunately I can’t because it’s school days and other reasons.

Finally, I’m here, in Bohol! hehe. But, my goodness, in almost two months of my stay in here I wasn’t able to visit Chocolate Hills. Don’t panic people! I just waited that my auntie’s motorcycle to be good again because we will be using it in going there. Hopefully, I can have a picture there with chocolate hills as the background.

By the way I’m here not to have a vacation. I went here to have my ojt because it’s a prerequisite in my graduation next year (hopefully). Also to visit and to know my relatives here.

To tell you honestly, I really learned a lot during my ojt. My employer also taught us a lot of things about business and how to deal with clients. Although, he wasn’t always around to supervise us on what we’re doin’ but through the shared doc in Bohol.Asia he can give instructions and through internet he can check whether I did my assignment correctly or not.

Huh! What a great summer? Hope I can go back here for sometime to relax not to have an ojt again!

This summer alone I was able to signup a lot of online means of communications like email, twitter, and even this wordpress.


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